5 Ways To Get Your Kitchen Winter Ready

Let’s face it, your kitchen caters for a lot during the colder months. Hearty warm meals, fabulous festive parties – not to mention Christmas and New Year’s – it’s safe to say your kitchen will see a lot of action over the holiday season.

Fear not though, follow these hacks to get your kitchen winter ready in no time.


Colour Splash

Nothing gives a room a fresh lease of life like a lick of paint. Let’s take a look at which colours are on trend for Winter 2016/17 so you can ensure your colour additions are on point this season.

Neutrals – Think earthy but neutral colours and natural hues.

Deep Colours – Deeper, darker colours are in this Winter. Think rich greens, sumptuous burgundy reds and velvety purples.

You can even add a splash of colour by choosing colourful appliances, for example, Britannia Living’s 100% customisable Colourange line.




As mentioned, playing with texture is a huge Winter 2016 design trend.

Varying materials will give you great scope to bring in new textures. This season rustic, bohemian styles are combined with industrial vibes. Reach for raw materials, such as exposed metals and natural textures such as wood, cork and the next item on our list; plants.



Plants are an inspired addition to your kitchen this winter. They add texture and colour whilst purifying the air and freeing you your kitchen of those undesirable cooking smells.

During winter, we’re all guilty of not getting out as much as we should. Falling out of touch with nature through the colder seasons can have an adverse affect on your mood. Bring some much needed greenery into your kitchen and give your mood a boost, all whilst enhancing your kitchen’s style.


With dark days and long nights upon us, it’s a great time to update the lighting in your kitchen. Use floor lamps to light dark corners and create a cosy atmosphere.

Switching outdated light fittings for on trend fixtures can put your kitchen decor back on track with relatively little hassle or expense.


Make The Most Of Every Space

Did you know you can utilise un-openable drawers? Add hinges and use this space to store things such as cleaning products.

Or why not free up space with stylish magnetic spice jars that stick right to your fridge door or use magnets to attach storage racks to the side of your fridge.

Make the most of this space under the sink by installing a tension rod across the top of your sink cupboard. They’re cheap to pick up and simple to fit. You can then hang any spray nozzles over the tension rod, clearing tonnes of storage underneath and making all your products much easier to access.

Maximise space above the sink and use your sink as counter space when you’re not using it. Purchasing an over-sink chopping board is an excellent way to create more work space in your kitchen.

This article was written by Amber Edmondson for Britannia Living. For more design trends, recipes and competitions check out our blog.

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