Bandana Bake in Conjunction with Rangemaster

Bandana Bake Off day has arrived!


The Lichfield showroom is filled with the delicious aroma of baking and an absolute mountain of cake. The team here at Tippers have all been very busy baking some amazing cakes to raise money for The Brain Tumour Charity with a cake sale in progress and some great raffle prizes have been won this afternoon. The showroom is buzzing with activity, and an awesome £1500.00 has been raised.


March is Brain Tumour Awareness Month, and we here at Tippers are joining hundreds of people across the country by hosting a Big Bandana Bake sale at our Lichfield branch today. The aim for the charity is to raise £150,000 to fund a life-saving research project for the next 2 years. Currently less than 2% of cancer research funding in the UK is spent on research into brain tumours, despite 11,000 people being diagnosed each year with the disease.

It was a busy morning! We were joined by AgaRangemaster’s Home Economists, Lindsey and Alex, both the CookersAndOvens and showroom sales team benefited from some hands-on training on the new Rangemaster built in range. Demonstrating the unique “Duo Bake” function exclusive to the built-in range, mini quiches were swiftly produced from the multi-function Rangemaster oven, all with a perfectly crisp base, even from raw pastry, thanks to the innovative functionality of the oven.


As we become more health conscious steam cooking is becoming more and more popular and today’s demonstration proved steam is not just for cooking fish and vegetable as we prepared a tasty and healthy breakfast with minimal fuss in minutes. Using a steam injection method to ensure even cooking throughout the cavity, the oven does not start cooking until the selected temperature is reached.

On the perforated tray we placed a dish of porridge and blueberries, some asparagus spears and a muffin tin of poached eggs. The perforations allow the steam to flow freely through, circulating the food resulting in perfect porridge ready in just over seven minutes and the poached eggs and asparagus cooking in just under five minutes. A tasty, healthy and hearty breakfast was ready in less than ten minutes. If poached eggs are not your preference eggs can be boiled on the perforated tray also and stop cooking much quicker as the egg is not immersed in boiling water as it is in a pan.

Basically the steam oven outperforms its microwave equivalent in almost every instance, other than of course popcorn! It will take roughly double the time of the microwave to cook or reheat but the quality of the food is far superior. By adding moisture, rice dishes remain fluffy and the food heats through evenly with no drying out or hotspots. It is perfect for heating pancakes, tortilla wraps and can bake a treacle pudding in just 15 minutes. From heating a ready meal to reheating leftovers the steam oven wins hands down every time and is probably the most versatile appliance in your kitchen.

Taking over the Rangemaster mobile kitchen Rangemaster’s Home Economist Alexandra Dibble prepared and baked more delicious treats in aid of today’s Bandana Bake, including hot cross buns, cupcakes, Crème Egg brownies and bakewell tarts.


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