Great British Bake Off – Bread Week

Episode 3 – Bread Week

As tradition at this stage of the competition, episode 3, was bread week. Here are the best bits from this weeks episode.

Signature Bake – Chelsea Buns

The first challenge was to make a set of Chelsea Bun which Paul said need to be perfect for a “classic tear and share.” Kneading and proving were an essential part this week. If the draws were not warm enough this week, then the contestants were setting themselves up to fail.

Judging time came around and Karen’s buns were every colour of the rainbow, Kim-Joy’s were “good” and “delicate.” Manon’s were “over-baked” but still tasted amazing. Dan got a handshake as his were “absolutely delicious”, Antony’s were also overbaked and dry but Terry was met with the judges’ approval. Briony’s were the prettiest and Ruby forgot to add the sugar. Jon’s were a bit hard but Rahul’s were met with a handshake. Overall, it was a bit of a rickety start for some but the show goes on.

Technical Challenge – Garlic Naans

This challenge could have gone either way. Paul said that if the dough was too wet then it will be hard to keep uniform. That means a possibility of Soggy Bottoms all round, it also showed off those Neff Slide & Hide grills.

Terry was extremely relaxed and Jon pulled a face at using the grill. The garlic butter was splashed on and the naans were placed behind their photographs. Paul and Pru tore their way through all that garlic and Paul repeatedly said “a bit thick.” Kim-Joy came in the last place as hers were undercooked. Terry came in first place and turned as pink as his shirt.

Show-Stopper – Tiered Korovai

This is an Eastern European celebratory bread. They have three tiers and must have some sort of decorations.

Antony made his brother a wedding Korovai with the Bride and Groom as doves. Kim-Joy made a cat wedding cake and Karen’s was a rainbow of colour. Rahil made 200 pieces of individual decoration, Manon used her tattoo for inspiration and Briony is made a Rapunzel’s castle. Terry had done his research and snipped at his base which had something to do with the joining of the wedding ceremony.

The final judgement time of the episode and Kim-Joy’s were compared to a hot cross bun. Rahul’s was spectacular but Dan’s lacked flavour. Ruby’s almond flavour made Paul want more but Jon’s was considered clumsy. Karen had a doughy centre which let her autumnal theme down. Antony’s was under-proved and over-baked despite the decorative flourish, Terry’s was under-proved, under-baked but tasty. Manon used too much orange flower water and Briony’s doesn’t have much going on inside. Rahul managed to get Star baker again but we lost Antony. Bye-bye self-proclaimed “Bollywood Baker.”

Next week is the desert week, so get your spoon ready!

Maybe during the programme, you were seeing all of those beautiful appliances. If you were wondering about the disappearing doors on the ovens and those retro type fridges, you can read more about the features appliances here.

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