Great British Bake Off – Danish Week

Episode 8 – Danish Week

Last night we saw the bakers having to make traditional Danish delicacies. Here are the highlights.

Signature Challenge – Ryebread

To kick off this weeks bake off, the contestants had to make two open sandwiches, served on rye bread, also known as Smorrebrod. Rahul’s sandwiches featured smoked salmon, Ruby’s were full of protein and tandoori chicken, Briony made two types of rye bread and marbled them together, Kim-Joy added hard boiled eggs decorated like bumblebees and Manon’s bread featured cheese and fruit.

Judging time, Ruby’s Smorrebrod got a thumbs up and the tandoori flavour was said to be delicious. Manon’s rye was too pale and lacked seeds, it was not savoury enough and Paul said it was too much like french bread. Kim-Joy’s were okay, Briony’s loaf could have been used as a doorstep and the toppings were dry. Rahul’s bread was too dense and looked a bit of a mess, the bread was gluey and heavy. Overall, the judges are being much harder this week and Ruby was the only one to receive good feedback.

Technical Challenge – Danish Aebleskiver

The contestants needed to make 14 Danish Aebleskiver, these are like a doughnut/pancake filled with apple and cinnamon, they also needed to be served with a strawberry dipping sauce.  Manon was the only contestant to know what these are, Ruby struggled to work out the rotation process and Rahul let his burn.

Judging time and Ruby’s were stodgy and the judges weren’t impressed with her cutting them open to fill them. Briony’s looked neater and the filling was in the right place, Kim-Joy’s are inconsistent and stodgy, Rahul’s are burnt on the outside and raw on the inside and Manon’s were all different sizes. Briony came in first place, Kim-Joy in 2nd, Ruby 3rd, Manon 4th and Rahul came last.

Showstopper – Kagekona/Kagemand

This week the bakers needed to make a traditional Danish birthday cake shaped like someone they know. When this is served at a birthday the whole of the party scream when the head is cut off. Briony made a Kagekona of her Nana Pat with a sherbet handbag and toffee heels. Rahul made a Kagemand of the King of India, Ruby chose to make a Kagekona of her sister with honeycomb, Manon’s Kagekone represents her friend and had pain au chocolat arms and legs and a plain body, Kim-Joy made Opera loving friend and had all the fancy trimming.

Judging time and Ruby’s Kagekona of her sister was charming, the pastries had lovely layers but needed more apricot glaze. Manon’s friend had a plaited marshmallow skirt, her pastry was overbaked on the outside and underbaked on the inside and Paul did not approve that she’s made a pain au chocolat. Kim-Joy’s opera friend was exquisite but the pastries were under proved and soggy. Briony’s Nana Pat looked fabulous but the flavours got a thumbs down from the judges. Rahul had burnt his pastries and they were dry, but the marzipan and sweets were delicious.

Star baker this week was Ruby and Manon was sent home. Next week is the Semi-Finals and its all about patisserie!

Maybe during the programme, you were seeing all of those beautiful appliances. If you were wondering about the disappearing doors on the ovens and those retro type fridges, you can read more about the features appliances here.

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