Great British Bake Off – Dessert Week

Episode 4 – Dessert Week

So we are four weeks in and down to nine bakers now and it’s dessert week. Here are the highlights of the show.

Signature Challenge – Meringues

To kick off this week’s challenges, the bakers needed to make a roulade which has a perfect swirl when it is cut. They all made very different flavoured ones, Manon made an Amarene and Kirsch cherry roulade whereas Jon made a mango and passion fruit one. When it came to the hardest part of making a roulade, the rolling, Briony had a bit of leakage but soon piped over the damage.

Judging time and Ruby’s roulade had a good shape and taste but lacked the swirl. Kim-Joy had exquisite piping but it didn’t have a spiral and the meringue was too thick. Manon’s tasted great and Dan got another Hollywood Handshake. Karen’s meringue was underdone and looked “sad and flat” and Rahul’s had no swirl. Briony’s had “seepage” but Jon’s was so fabulous he got a handshake.

Technical Challenge – Raspberry Blancmange

It’s one of Prue’s recipes and it must wobble. It got to the 15-minute mark and it was time to get the blancmanges out of their moulds, they were all oozing.

Judging time soon came around. Kim-Joy’s had a good flavour but no definition. Karen’s had not set and her biscuits were underdone. Briony’s also hadn’t set and Manon’s was more of a raspberry soup but her biscuits were great.  Jon’s was lovely and he nailed the biscuits as well. Ruby and Dan both did well too. Manon came in the last place but Dan came out on top.

Showstopper Challenge – Chocolate Globe

For this challenge, the bakers needed to make a giant chocolate globe which will melt to reveal a dessert. Briony made a white chocolate ball with a blood orange sticky toffee pudding inside, Ruby made a tropical tart in a chocolate ball. Dan made a peach and hazelnut layered mouse and Jon made a ballet cake. Kim-Joy made Choux Turtles. Rahul and Karen have both decided against the moulds and used balloons instead.

Kim-Joys turtles looked adorable but Ruby and Briony both regretted using white chocolate as it cracked. Jon was a true gentleman and made Ruby’s chocolate sauce for her and Rahul’s chocolate ball looked a bit like lego hair.

Jon was up first for judging, wearing a ballet tutu to match his ballet ball. The sauce revealed something which looked a mess but apparently tasted great. Ruby’s tasted horrible whereas Rahul’s was elegant. Briony’s pudding didn’t look great but did have an amazing taste. Dan’s giant peach looked like the moon and took a long time to melt but it was lovely. Manon’s came out beautiful and melted like a dream but no handshake. Karen didn’t quite nail the flavours with her pudding and Kim-Joy’s space turtles where really something.

Dan won star baker but nobody went home due to Terry’s absence. That may mean that next week, Spice week, is a double blow!

Maybe during the programme, you were seeing all of those beautiful appliances. If you were wondering about the disappearing doors on the ovens and those retro type fridges, you can read more about the features appliances here.

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