Great British Bake Off – Final 2018

Episode 10 – Final

It’s the last of the Great British Bake Off 2018 and the most equal final ever. All three of the contestants have been awarded star baker twice, so it’s a hard call. Heres what happened.

Signature Challenge – Doughnuts

The first challenge of the final, the bakers needed to make two batches of 6 doughnuts – one iced and one ring. Rahul was at a disadvantage here as he has never eaten a doughnut, he decided to put buttercream on his ring doughnuts and fill the other with a mango filling. Ruby made two sets of dough and made use of that proving draw, and she filled her doughnuts with dulce de leche. Kim-Joy used the same dough for both of her doughnuts and went with a lemon theme, she filled her doughnuts with an amaretto diplomat filling and made tiny bee decorations. 

With one hour left the bakers got to frying their doughnuts. The oil must be the perfect temperature if its too hot then the doughnuts will burn, too cold and they won’t cook. Ruby’s doughnuts were misshapen so she resorted to using scissors.

Judging time! Kim-Joy’s doughnuts were not uninformed enough but the shape and the decorations were lovely, they also had a nice flavour and Prue really liked her amaretto filling. Ruby’s decoration was good but there was too much dripping, her filled doughnuts were underfilled and boring. Rahul’s doughnuts were overdecorated and his rings were dark and oily, Paul wasn’t too keen on the buttercream but liked the mango filling.

Technical Challenge – Pitta Bread

For the final technical challenge, the bakers were not allowed to use their ovens or their own workstations but instead were sent outside. They needed to cook the pitta bread on an open fire along with making three dips – baba ganoush, salsa verde and a burnt pepper salsa. None of them had a clue about what they are doing but the secret was to get the perfect stone temperature so that the bread will rise and create that pocket, if the stone is too hot then the yeast will be killed and they won’t rise.

Judging time and Rahul’s pitta was more like a burnt flatbread, Kim-Joy’s were also burnt but there was a pocket and Ruby’s were too thick but her dips were nice. Ruby came in third place, Rahul in second and Kim-Joy in first.

Showstopper Challenge – Landscape Dessert

Its the final showstopper and this week the bakers needed to make a landscape out of anything sweet. Ruby made a magical landscape with a choux mountain and shortbread hills, it also included a unicorn and mushrooms. Kim-Joy’s landscape was the “Lost city of Atlantis” with a salted caramel well. Rahul made a rock garden with choux rocks and ginger stepping stones, his showstopper had 200 individual items.Disaster struck 20 minutes into the challenge when one of Rahul’s glass storage jars exploded in the heat, this meant that he had to start all over again.

Judgment time and Ruby’s magical landscape doesn’t look great but the flavour was lovely except for the burnt caramel. Rahul’s showstopper had a million things going on but it had good height, it didn’t look very appetising but the judges found it delicious. Kim-Joy’s was the nicest looking of the three but it lacked the variety and flavours.

The final challenge had ended and it was time to find out who the winner of the Great British Bake Off 2018 is. All of this year’s contestants along with family and friends had gathered round to find out that the winner is RAHUL!

So this year bake-off has come to an end but if you’re still wondering where you can get those magical ovens or retro fridges from, check out here.

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