Great British Bake Off – Pastry Week

Episode 6 – Pastry Week

We are past the halfway mark now and last night we saw the bakers dust down their worktops for pastry week. Here are the highlights.

Signature Challenge – Savoury and Sweet Samosas

Last night we learnt that samosa pastry is difficult to perfect. Jon made chicken and pest savoury samosas and orange and vanilla sweet ones. Ruby’s samosas were traditional flavours with almond and orange in the sweet version. Ruhul’s samosas were his mum’s recipe and Briony filled her savoury ones with beetroot and the sweet ones with peanut butter. Manon made chicken and lemon samosas and apple and caramel ones for her sweet option. Dan had a dough disaster after using a pasta maker for his Christmas-flavoured samosas.

Judging time and Ruby’s samosas looked beautiful, Paul loves the pastry and describes them as “a juggernaut of flavour.” Ruby is the first to receive a handshake. Jon’s samosas were soggy but the flavours were delicious. Briony’s looked stunning but the sweet ones were gluey. Kim-Joy’s samosas had the Pythagoras theorem piped onto them and the flavours were great too.  Dan’s samosas were like leather but the fillings were lovely. Rahul’s samosas had a lovely pattern and stunning flavours which gains him another handshake. Manon’s pastry was a bit thick and there was too much potato, her sweet ones were dry and “disappointing.”

Technical Challange – Puits D’Amour

Puits D’Amour means “well of love” and consists of puff pastry, choux pastry, jam and creme pat. Ruby didn’t read the recipe right and Dan’s choux did not look great. All the pastry went in the oven, Dan’s came out flat and Ruby’s came out burnt.

Judging time again and Manon’s were a bit dark but Jon’s were classic and had a good compote and choux. Kim-Joy’s were flat and Ruby’s were cremated. Rahul’s are dark but delicious. Dan’s creme pat was split and had no sides. Briony came out in the first place!

Showstopper Challenge – Banquet Pie

For this weeks showstopper, the contestants needed to make a hand-shaped banquet pie. The judges were looking for something that wasn’t too dry and doesn’t seep.

Briony wanted to tell the entire Alice in Wonderland story with her pie, most bakers went for a hot water crust pastry but Dan, Jon and Kim-joy went for puff pastry. Dan made his pie shaped like a fish were as Kim-Joy made Silke The Vegetarian Mermaid. Jon made a Welsh dragon pie full of beer, Rahul’s was butterfly shaped and Ruby made a crown. Manon made Poppy The Octopus which was full of fish. Many of the bakers put rice in their pies to soak up the moisture.

That time again and Kim-Joy’s vegetarian mermaid was beautiful but the pastry was thick and soggy. Ruby’s crown looked lovely and the filling has held together well. Rahul’s butterfly was a bit wet but tasted good. Jon’s dragon looked like a monster sausage roll, the flavour was good but a bit wet. Manon’s octopus was stuck to the baking paper, needed longer in the oven and was salty. Briony’s Alice In Wonderland pie had playable croquet with tiny hedgehogs, the game filling looked a bit like dog food but tasted great.

Starbaker this week was Briony and Dan was sent home. Next week is Vegan week, so join us next week for another review!

Maybe during the programme, you were seeing all of those beautiful appliances. If you were wondering about the disappearing doors on the ovens and those retro type fridges, you can read more about the features appliances here.

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