Great British Bake Off – Spice Week

 Episode 5 – Spice Week

Last nights episode hosted some intensely flavoured culinary happiness. Here are the highlights of the episode.

Signature Challenge – Ginger Cake

Paul wanted the perfect balance of heat and warmth from this classic cake. Briony decided to make a honey, apricot and ginger cake and used a mixture of fresh and dried ginger. Dan made a lemon and ginger cake with a Swiss meringue, Karen decided to update the Yorkshire Parkin by adding ginger. Manon used fresh ginger and lemon curd. Terry added pears to his ginger cake.

Judging time came around. John’s cake featured little gingerbread people on it, but it was a bit sticky. Karen’s bonfire night cake was hard and had too must booze in it. Ruby’s Jamaican ginger cake looked fab but only tasted of rum. Rahul nailed the flavours and texture and received a handshake! Briony’s cake was dry, Terry’s cake was gluey and Dan’s was a ginger shambles. Kim-Joy’s cake looked amazing and tasted stunning and Manon’s cake was soft and beautiful – they both received a handshake.

Technical Challenge – Ma’amoul Cake

This week’s technical challenge brought an Arabian twist, Ma’amoul looks like a fig roll but should taste like aniseed. Nobody really knew what they were doing in this challenge. Judging time and they all looked a bit like play-doh. Jon’s had too much flavour but it was Karen who came last and Ruby came out on top.

Showstopper Challenge – Spiced Biscuit Chandelier

This week’s showstopper challenge was a fiddly one, the bakers had to make a biscuit chandelier that could be hanged as a centrepiece over a table. Karen made her biscuits from liquorice and cardamom. Jon’s chandelier featured raspberry and chilli jam and was designed to celebrate his daughter’s 21st birthday. Kim-Joy made a festive chandelier with snowflakes and festive scenes whereas Manon went for an Art Deco theme which reminds her of growing up in France. Terry also went for a Christmas theme and Ruby made a peacock chandelier featuring cardamom. Briony made a turmeric latte flavoured chandelier. Rahul’s cardamom chandelier features 150 biscuits.

It’s judgement time, and Prue wasn’t there. Manon’s chandelier looked amazing but Paul said it lacked the spice. Dan’s butterflies were exquisite but the biscuits didn’t have enough cinnamon. Ruby’s peacock didn’t look amazing but the biscuits were delicious. Rahul’s chandelier was a wonderful colour and had great flavours. Karen’s biscuits were chunky and the flavours weren’t there. Briony’s biscuits were unusual,
Kim-Joy’s was spectacular but Terry’s failed to bring the Christmas spirit. Finally, Jon’s was messy but his biscuits tasted great.

The final judgement of the episode brought some of us to tears, Kim-Joy won star baker but we lost Terry and Karen.

Next week we’ll be back again and it’s pastry week!

Maybe during the programme, you were seeing all of those beautiful appliances. If you were wondering about the disappearing doors on the ovens and those retro type fridges, you can read more about the features appliances here.

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