Great British Bake Off – Vegan Week

Episode 7 – Vegan Week

This week, the bakers were set the tricky task of making everything Vegan. That means, no eggs, no milk, no butter, nothing that has a single trace to an animal. Here is how they got on.

Signature Challenge – Two Different Tarts

The episode kicked off with the bakers having to make eight savoury tarts with two different flavours. Jon was very confused on why they were doing a vegan week, Rahul went for a Bengali-inspired vegan tart and Briony caramelised her onions in prosecco. Kim-Joy used tofu in her tarts and Manon made a vegan bechamel with cashew milk.

Judging time and Manon;’s summer tarts looked great but the mushroom ones looked a bit grey but still delicious, Ruby’s tarts only tasted of broccoli and her sage tarts had too much chilli in. Rahul’s tarts had lovely pastry but too much filling, Briony’s pastry was “flexible” and more like an apple pie. Jon’s pastry was rubbery and didn’t taste great. Kim-Joy got a thumbs up for her squirrel shaped tarts and the tofu tarts were declared delicious, she was awarded with a Hollywood Handshake.

Technical Challenge – Tropical Fruit Pavlova

This is one of Prue’s recipes, the meringue is made from Aquafina which is the liquid from cooked chickpeas. Jon was still confused about vegan week whereas Ruby was getting on with it like she makes them all the time.

Judging time and Kim-Joy’s meringues looked sad and didn’t have enough fruit. Rahul’s looked very indulgent and had the right texture. Jon’s looked messy and his cream was runny. Briony’s meringue had lost definition but Ruby’s looked amazing and had amazing flavour. Manon’s meringue looked lovely and had cooked well too. Kim-Joy came in 6th place, Briony in 5th, Jon in 4th, Ruby 3rd, Manon 2nd and 1st place went to Rahul.

Showstopper- Vegan Celebration Cake

With no eggs and butter, the bakers were using things like oil and dairy free margarine and coconut milk. Kim-Joy made a fox themed cake, Jon called his cake “only fools eat horses” and made a vegan chocolate cake. Rahul’s cake was based on a story about his family. Ruby’s top cake seemed to be bigger than the bottom.

Judging time and Briony’s cake looked elegant and delicious, Jon’s cake looked sad but had good layers and a nice flavour. Manon’s cake was stunning but heavy and tasted horrible. Kim-Joy cake was totally adorable but tasted more like a pudding. Rahul’s cake had collapsed and had too much coconut flavour. Ruby’s cake tasted delicious but didn’t look great.

Paul was disappointed with Manon and the judges had to make a hard decision as no one had a good week. This weeks star-baker was Kim-Joy but we had to say bye-bye to Jon.

Join us again next week for Danish Week!

Maybe during the programme, you were seeing all of those beautiful appliances. If you were wondering about the disappearing doors on the ovens and those retro type fridges, you can read more about the features appliances here.

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