Rangemaster Classic Range Cooker Upgrade

New Rangemaster Classic model in a kitchen

Did you know that when you buy a Rangemaster Classic range cooker from us, you’ll be receiving a brand new and improved model? Let us explain the new features Rangemaster have added to this timeless range cooker.

Close ups of the Rangemaster ClassicSingle Piece Hotplate

On the new Classic models the hotplate comes as a single piece rather than 2 pieces. This means that the unsightly plastic strip has been removed from previous versions and it’s now much easier to clean!

Grill Upgrade

To get Rangemaster’s famous glide-out grill you used to have to upgrade to a Deluxe model – but no longer. Rangemaster have now included the glide-out grill as standard on the Classic.

Improved Sit On Pan Supports

The pan supports have also been given a bit of a facelift and now have a semi-gloss finish.

Three Button Programmable Timer

The timer on the Classic has also been upgraded to make it easier to use and more attractive.

Improved Plinth Finish

The plinth now has an attractive 2 piece design too.

Improved Rotary Controls and Handles

The controls and handles on the Classic have been made more robust to stand the test of time

Improved Natural Gas Models

The natural gas models are now A/A+ rated for energy efficiency plus they all can be converted to LPG.

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