Review of The New Neff Range: The Premium Collection

At a top secret location in London last November, the CookersAndOvens team waited patiently in a dimly lit room. Fantastic smells were wafting towards us before Neff’s team of Cookaholics guided us through a gigantic Slide & Hide door into the launch of the brand new Neff range!

DSC_0264The new range is very different from the stainless steel look of the previous models, and there are some exciting changes inside too. The focus of this 2015 launch is “cooking inspires people”, and this is definitely evident in the brilliant new features that are available in the range.This month we were invited to Neff’s HQ in Milton Keynes to take a closer at these fantastic new models.

Here’s everything you need to know about the new Neff Range!

Which Products Are New?

Neff’s range has now been split into two collections: Premium and Classic.The Classic collection comprises of a small range of the stunning single ovens, double ovens and microwaves we know and love. The Premium collection is absolutely brand new and comes packed full of new features housed in a stylish black glass finish with touch control TFT display.

What Are The New Features?

slide & hide with pyrolytic

Slide & Hide with Pyrolytic

This has to be one of the most requested products we get at CookersAndOvens and Neff has listened! The Slide & Hide door has now been redesigned so that it’s safe to use with the high temperatures a pyrolytic oven can get to.

No chemical cleaners are necessary as at 500°C everything turns to ash. When the programme is over, you just let the oven cool down and wipe it down with a damp cloth. That’s all there is to it.

Additionally, all the racking can now be kept inside the oven when using the pyrolytic function, so all you need to do is whip out the shelves.

new neff circotherm

Circotherm Is Better Than Ever

You can now use Circotherm on 4 shelf levels instead of three. The powerful motor has been redesigned to move air around the entire oven cavity by blowing hot air clockwise for 3 minutes then anti-clockwise for 3 minutes to produce a perfect, consistent result.

TFT display neff fascia panel

TFT Fascia Panel

The touch control fascia panel is exceptionally responsive and uses the same technology that you find on the best smartphones. The intuitive display is housed in a beautiful black glass fascia panel which matches the entire oven and compact range, so that you can produce a seamless design when stacking appliances or having them side by side.


Vario Steam

Aqua Assist has been superseded by the new and improved VarioSteam (read more about VarioSteam here). VarioSteam gives dishes just the right amount of moisture by adding steam at three intensity levels for baking, roasting or just heating. Foods come out with a more intense flavour and an appetising appearance.

Believe it or not, the two loaves below were made in exactly the same way and are of the same weight. The only difference was that the larger one was cooked with VarioSteam enabled!

loaves with vario steam

Plus, it is now even easier to maintain. A simple push of a button raises the fascia panel so that you can easily slip out the water compartment to refill.

Full Steam Available In Full Size Ovens

100% steam is now available in a full size single oven due to a brand new enamelled cavity. Unlike VarioSteam, the evaporator is located outside of the oven cavity which means it is pure steam only that is injected into the cavity. Full steam and VarioSteam also includes an automatic drying function which means that you no longer have to wipe out and dry the cavity manually.

neff meat probe

Multipoint Meat Probe

Now you are guaranteed a perfectly roasted joint every time with Neff’s brand new meat probe! The meat probe measures the temperature of the meat at 3 different points on the probe. This means that it doesn’t matter if the probe is not inserted properly, as it will only ever take the lowest temperature reading. This is a fantastic function as it removes the guess work completely and means that you will never be at risk of over cooking and drying out your joints. You could also use this when reheating chilled foods to make sure that they reach a safe temperature to eat.

Baking And Roasting Assistant

This innovative assistant makes preparing a variety of dishes even easier and more convenient. For each one, the Baking and Roasting Assistant serves up a cooking suggestion at the touch of a button. It also recommends the ideal cooking mode, temperature and time to ensure perfect results. Naturally, you can change all of the suggestions at the touch of a button.
neff ComfortFlex rails

ComfortFlex Rails

FlexiRails are one of our most popular Neff accessories and they’re now even better! As you slide the shelf out the oven the rail will extend and then stop, so that you can leave your food there if you wish to. But, you can now gently raise the shelf and slide it completely out of the rail for easy removal of heavy meals.

neff seamless design

A Seamless Design

As mentioned earlier, the new Neff range does not include a double oven option but there is an optional accessory: seamless combination strips. You can use them to aesthetically join two appliances together to create a seamless look. If you like these simply tick the box on the product page when you order the oven.

When Will This Range Be Available?

The brand new Neff range is available right now!

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