The Kitchen Shop’s Product of the Month: The Big Cheese


Last month we had a Big Cheese Making Kit demo in-store. It was really very popular and we virtually sold out of these amazing kits!

It’s a firm favourite of ours at The Kitchen Shop and I’ll tell you why….

We sell two types of kit at the moment. One to make mozzarella and ricotta, and another to make goat’s cheese. The kits include all the ingredients you need to make your own cheese in an hour! All you have to do is buy full fat milk, the most organic and fresh the milk the better. You will need goat’s milk to make goat’s cheese.

The kits make up to 20lbs of cheese but the instructions show you how to make it in smaller batches of 2lbs. The kits are £23.00 so it works out a lot cheaper to make your own, as the kits come with all the ingredients and even include a small thermometer and butter muslin.


You will need a large stockpot or saucepan to make 2lbs of cheese but you can half the recipe if you only have a 20cm saucepan! The best thing about this kit is the instructions: they are very simple to follow but are wipeable, so they don’t get destroyed with a few splashes of milk. The process basically is to heat the milk once certain ingredients have been added and leave your curds and whey to separate. Different cheeses have slightly different processes, take for example mozzarella. You have to heat the cheese up at the very end and knead it like bread to get the shining bouncy consistency.

I made mozzarella & ricotta for our customers to try in the shop and the most popular by far was my flavoured mozzarella! I mixed in chilli flakes with one batch and mixed herbs in another and they went down a storm. Other customers preferred the plain with a little drizzle of green pesto on top.


This is our product of the month as it is great value for money. It makes a great present for a foodie and it’s fun to make your own and flavour it how you like it!

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Expert contributor Lizzy Braine from the Kitchen ShopAbout Our Expert Contributor

Lizzy Braine works in her family run, award winning cookshop, The Kitchen Shop, Lichfield, with her sister and parents.

The shop opened in 1982 and sells amazing kitchen equipment from fun innovative gadgets to professional cookware & knives.

Previously her career was in Hotel Sales and Operations. She is a passionate foodie and loves doing in-store demonstrations at the shop.

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