What’s The Difference Between the Rangemaster Classic and the Classic Deluxe

What's The Difference Between the Rangemaster Classic and Classic Deluxe. Blue 110cm Classic Dual Fuel and Cream 110cm Classic Deluxe Dual Fuel range cookers.Another model which customers can find difficult to tell the difference between is the Rangemaster Classic and the Rangemaster Classic Deluxe. These are two of Rangemaster’s most popular models but they are not as similar as you might think. Here’s a list of ten differences between the Rangemaster Classic and the Rangemaster Classic Deluxe to help you make up your mind.

1. The Ovens

On the Classic you get 2 standard ovens, fanned on the 90cm model and fanned & conventional on the 110cm. With the Classic Deluxe however you get a multifunction oven which includes Rapid Response – a function that can preheat your oven 30% quicker than a standard fan oven – making 8 functions in total.

2. 110cm Zones

On the Classic you get a Warming Zone as standard on the 110cm – perfect for keeping food warm just before serving. On the Classic Deluxe 110cm however you get a Multi-zone with sit on griddle as standard. The Multi-zone is essentially 2 ceramic zones that you can use to cook pretty much anything you want! This means that on the Classic Deluxe 110cm you get 7 zones in total.

3. The Grill

On the Classic you get the standard grill, however on the Classic Deluxe you get a glide out grill. The glide out grill is much easier to use and makes it safer and simpler for you to check on your food as it’s cooking. We’d really suggest seeing in person as it really does made a big difference to the usability!

4. The Plinth

On the Rangemaster Classic the plinth is of a grille style, but on the Classic Deluxe the plinth is semi-recessed to give the appearance of having legs.

5. The Handles

The build quality on the Classic Deluxe is slightly better than that of the Classic. Every range cooker has been built lovingly to a very high standard by Rangemaster (on average it takes 100 people to build just one!) but the Classic Deluxe has the edge on the Classic as it is fitted with larger, more robust thick handles.

6. The Hot Plate

The Classic has a two piece hot plate whilst the Classic Deluxe has a single piece hot plate. This may seem like quite a minor difference but it emphasises the step-up in quality you get with the Classic Deluxe as it produces a more finished and streamlined look.

7. The Ignition

The Classic requires two handed ignition, whilst the Classic Deluxe can be done single handedly. This again emphasises the extra bit of quality you get with a Deluxe, but it also makes life that little bit easier when you’re juggling lots of pots and pans.

8. Sizes

Unlike the Classic, the Classic Deluxe is available in 100cm width. The right hand oven has a 81 litre capacity giving 150 litres in total.

9. Colours

Both the Classic and the Classic Deluxe are available with different colour palettes, so aesthetically it’s important to think about this in relation to the design of your kitchen as a whole. The Classic is also different to all other Rangemaster range cookers due to the fact that it is available as an all white version – white hot plate, fascia and splashback to suit the door panels.

10. The Lid

The Classic dual fuel model is also available as a lidded option – this is not available with the Classic Deluxe.

mel-gplusWe hope this helps you to make up your mind between the two range cookers. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to give our Rangemaster specialist Melanie a call on 01543 222 100. Lines are open from 8.30am to 5pm weekdays and from 9am to 12.30pm on a Saturday.


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