What’s the Difference Between the Rangemaster Professional Plus and Professional Deluxe?

What's the difference between a Rangemaster Professional Plus and a Rangemaster Professional Deluxe Range Cooker

We’ve been noticing a lot in the office at the moment that a few people are finding it difficult to see the differences between the Rangemaster Professional Plus and the Rangemaster Professional Deluxe. At first glance it may be hard to tell them apart, but there are a few very important differences that make these range cookers unique.

1. The Burners

On dual fuel models, the Professional Plus 110 has two large 3kW burners whilst the Professional Deluxe 110 has a multizone with a sit on griddle. The multizone comprises of two ceramic burners, meaning that in total you have 7 cooking zones.

2. Ignition

The Professional Plus comes with two handed ignition whilst the Professional Deluxe comes with single handed ignition. Single handed ignition is easier to use when you’re juggling a lot of pots and pans, but this is really a choice dependent on your personal preference.

3. Ovens

The Professional Plus comes with standard Rangemaster ovens, on a 110 you have a fanned and a conventional oven. The Professional Deluxe on the other hand comes complete with a multifunction oven. Functions include conventional heat, fanned heat, fan assisted, top browning, bottom heat, fanned grilling and defrost.

4. Special Features

The Professional Plus 110 has a browning function as part of the conventional oven. The Professional Deluxe, as well as having this feature, has Rapid Response as part of the multifunction oven settings, making 8 in total. Rapid Response heats the oven cavity extremely fast so that you no longer have to preheat your oven before cooking.

5. The Plinth

Aesthetically, the Professional Plus has a grill style plinth while the Professional Deluxe has a semi-recessed plinth to give it the appearance of having legs.

6. Fuel Options

The Professional Plus is available as all gas, dual fuel, ceramic and induction. The Professional Deluxe is available as dual fuel and induction only.

Our Rangemaster Specialist MelanieWe hope this helps you to make up your mind between the two range cookers. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to give our Rangemaster specialist Melanie a call on 01543 222 100. Lines are open from 8.30am to 5pm weekdays and from 9am to 12.30pm on a Saturday.



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