Why Buy: Neff N90 29cm Warming Drawer N17HH20N0B

The Neff N90 29cm Warming Drawer N17HH20N0B will accommodate all that you need. With its great 29cm height and 52-litre capacity, it allows you to fit 40 plates and 192 espresso cups, so will be great for any occasion or kitchen. 

The Essential Info-

  • Size: 290mm x 596mm x 548mm
  • Maximum weight: 25kg
  • Temperature range: 30-80°C
  • Cavity volume: 52 litres
  • Push-pull opening mechanism
  • Telescopic pull-out drawer

The Settings-

The Neff warming drawer comes with 3 defrosting and food warming features and one cookware and utensil warming feature.

The defrost function slowly circulates room temperature air around the food, it is suitable for even the most delicate items such as cream cakes. It’s a hygienic and gentle way of defrosting your food, as well as taking half of the usual time. The keep warm function can be used to keep your prepared food ready for serving or it can be used to warm your plates ready for your meal.

These different settings can also be used to slow cook, prove dough and melt chocolate. So it can accommodate all of your culinary needs.

The Design-

The Neff N90 29cm Warming Drawer N17HH20N0B has a sleek stainless steel look with a black glass front. It is easy to clean as well as being featured with an interior light so that you can see exactly what you are cooking without opening the drawer and letting the heat escape.

The push-pull mechanism means the door opens with a simple push, so there’s no risk of jolting your meals, the warming drawer is designed to fit in an eye-level cabinet.


This Neff Warming Drawer is the perfect solution for those who enjoy entertaining guests, its sleek design fits into any kitchen. It is simple to use and holds 4 great settings that allow you to complete all of your culinary needs.

To find out more and view some images of the Neff Warming Drawer click here.

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