Why Buy: Neff

Next in our Why Buy series is Neff. Famous for their sleek, stainless steel designs and innovative features here are 8 reasons why you should consider Neff for your next appliance purchase.

1. Stylish Design


Want your coffee maker, oven, steam oven, warming drawer and microwave to all fit together nicely? No problem. All Neff ovens and compact appliances have been designed so that they can neatly stack together in the configuration of your choice, meaning that you don’t have to compromise on those sleek stainless steel lines.

2. Slide&Hide Doors

One of the trendiest appliances around at the moment are the Neff Slide&Hide ovens. As featured on The Great British Bake Off, these oven doors simply pull out and slide underneath the oven. This means you can say goodbye to awkwardly straining over the door to retrieve your dishes, minimising the risk of burning yourself.

3. Great Accessories

Neff products, particularly the ovens, come with a range of brilliant accessories. From Flexirails that allow you to arrange your oven shelving to suit your needs, to quick connect shelf supports which glide smoothly on telescopic rails. They also offer side and back panels that act as finishing touches to your integrated design.

4. Ovens That Cook & Clean!

Neff ovens are famous for their circotherm technology which allows you to cook your food quickly and evenly without any transference of flavour. Want to cook a roast chicken and fairy cakes at the same time? You need a Neff oven! Their ovens also feature AquaAssist technology to keep food juicy, bulbs which bounce the beams of light so that you will never need to open your oven door again to check on your food, and pyrolytic self-cleaning which burns off all the food residue in your oven, leaving you to simply sweep away the ashes.

5. Compact Appliances & Warming Drawers

NEFF also offer a brilliant range of compact appliances to aid your cooking, from steam ovens to microwaves. One of our favourites is the Neff warming drawer. Not only great for heating up plates before food is served, this drawer will go up to 80ºC meaning it’s also great for slow cooking your favourite meals.

6. Hob Options

Neff offer a great range of hobs for all fuel types. Our favourite though has to be their Flexinduction range. These hobs use an enlarged single zone which heats pans of any size any where! Beneath the zone are individual unique induction coils which only work when a pan is a detected above them. This means that energy efficiency is maximised and pans of any size can be placed anywhere in the zone.

7. Quiet as a Mouse Extractor Hoods

Neff’s extractor hoods are not only brilliantly functional but also beautifully aesthetic. Carefully designed control panels and powerful fans mean that Neff hoods are some of the best for taking away grease, steam and odours. Sleek and stylish designs mean that there is a hood for every taste, whether you’re after a dramatic show-stopper or an understated integrated hood.

 8. Fantastic White Goods

As well as their brilliant cookers and hoods, Neff also offer a great range of fridges, freezers, washing machines, dryers, dishwashers and fridge-freezers. You’ll find the same innovative technology in these items as you would their cookers and hoods. From NeffSparkle which keeps your glasses safe and sparkling, to VitaFresh drawers which keep your fruit and vegetables at 0°C to keep them crunchy.

So, those are our top 8 reasons why we love Neff appliances. Why not browse the complete range for yourself on CookersAndOvens.


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