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Neff Oven Functions


Neff CircoTherm

Neff's famous CircoTherm function uses a fan to ensure that heat is distributed evenly around the whole cavity of the oven without any transference of flavour. This is perfect when you're planning a dinner party as you can cook elements of your starter, main and dessert at the same time. It's also a great function for bakers as you can batch bake cakes & pastries and be sure that each one will have the exact same colour & crispness.

Neff CircoTherm Intensive Function

Neff's Circotherm intensive function is great for foods that need a crispy underside when cooked such as pizzas and speciality breads.

Neff Circo-Roasting Function

This function is great for roasting large joints of meat and poultry, especially if you're after a rotisserie style. This function can reduce cooking times by 35-40%.

Neff AquaAssist Function

The Neff AquaAssist function keeps food succulent and tender by introducing bursts of water into the cooking process. Dependent on the dish being cooked, you can select the intensity of steam you would like to be introduced.This is perfect for roasting large joints of meat for a Sunday roast.

Neff Pyrolytic Cleaning Function

Pyrolytic cleaning is a fantastic function which, when selected, cleans the oven for you! When set, the oven burns off any food deposits by heating the oven to extreme temperatures. Once the cleaning cycle has completed you simply wipe away the residue with a damp cloth. Bye bye elbow grease!

Neff Oven Cleaning Function

Different to pyrolytic cleaning, this function takes advantage of the oven's Ceramiclean liners to keep your oven as clean as possible. This function has been designed to be used on a regular basis and will only affect the cleanliness of the liners themselves.

Neff Bottom Heat Function

The bottom heat function is perfect for crisping up pizza bases and pastry as a fantastic finishing touch.

Neff Top/Bottom Heat Function

The Neff top/bottom heat function gives you the type of heat you would expect from a conventional oven. Therefore, each level within the oven will have it's own cooking temperature. This is the perfect function to use when you need to cook a few dishes at the same time that require different temperatures.

Neff Rapid Heat Function

The Neff rapid heat function is a fantastic tool to use when you need your food to be cooked straight away. Rather than having to wait around for your oven to get to temperature, the rapid heat function provides a boost of heat to get your oven up to temperature quickly.

Neff Low-Temperature Cooking Function

Neff's low temperature cooking function is a fantastic for slow cooking. Perfect for tenderising meat & poultry for a melt in the mouth texture.

Neff Full Surface Grill Function

Neff's full surface grill allows for the whole grill surface to be heated to an even temperature. The heat is thermostatically controlled so that your food will never be heated over the temperature required.

Neff Defrost Function

The Neff defrost function gently circulates air to speed up defrosting time in a hygienic environment.

Neff Reheat Function

The reheat function on your Neff oven ensures that your food is reheated perfectly whilst keeping the moisture and juiciness locked in the food.

Neff Steam Cooking Function

This setting is for use only with the Neff system steamer accessory. This accessory eliminates the need for purchasing a separate steam cooker, providing you with one of the healthiest cooking methods around.

Neff Centre-Area Grill Function

The Neff centre-area grill function allows to to only heat the centre section of the grill when you're cooking small quantities of food. A great economical feature that will help to prevent unnecessary energy wastage.

Neff Integral Lighting Explained

Small as it may seem, Neff's integral illumination makes a big difference to your cooking. Using a specially designed format of lights & mirrors, you will never need to open your oven door again as your food will always be perfectly lit.


Neff Accessories


Neff Warming Drawer

The Neff warming drawers is not just for heating plates, it can be used as a separate oven in itself. It's perfect for defrosting, proving dough and melting chocolate.

Neff Slide&Hide Door

The Neff Slide&Hide doors makes using your oven even easier than before. There is now no need to awkwardly crane over the oven door to remove your food from the oven. The Slide&Hide door simply slides underneath the oven to allow you to securely & safely remove your hot food.

Neff Side Rail Removal Explained

The Neff oven's side rails can be removed for cleaning and are dishwasher safe. To removes simply pull the front of the rail outwards and forwards. As you can see from the video, you might need to give it a good tug!